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Goodbye My Dear Grandma… is an activity book for grieving children. The activities encourage your child to reach out to loved ones. Gradually, your child becomes an active participant in healing his or her loss.


Drawing, writing, glueing pictures, creative art are all great ways for children to express themselves and start the healing process. While children are struggling to understand this change in their lives, the orchestrated conversation topics offer them a way to connect with the adults around them. This activity book suggests activities that will not only help them honor this very special person in their life, but will also help them to embrace a new beginning.

Reviews on amazon

"This book is wonderful. It provides kids with a hands on, hearts in way to remember, honor and gently grieve for a lost beloved grandparent.The book take a child through a path for healing and is really helpful. The illustrations are absolutely remarkable and beautiful and the author thoughtfully provides examples that a child can follow. I would give this book to anyone who has recently lost a loved one."

"This book is amazing! The drawings made by Emma are absolutely stunning and the activities are really helpful for young children. My own children lost their grandma last year and this book sure was their favorite and helped them get through the difficult time. I highly recommend it

"While it is geared toward children, it was also helpful for me as an adult as I went through my own stages of grieving when I lost my grandmother. Thank you Emma for your beautiful artwork and a beautiful book."

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"VERY gifted little girl. The water colors are amazing creations for a 9 y/o. The activities in the book are excellent ways to help children express the feelings going on inside. It might even be good for parents as well. I wish I had this when my grandmothers passed."

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